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Our Inspirations

Born in France, made in Europe

La Fée Maraboutée invites you to travel...

Indigo Jungle

This theme plunges us into the representations of photographer Cassio Vasconcellos (exhibition "Les Arbres", Fondation Cartier), which are inspired by the renditions of 19th century European travellers and botanists, attracted by the mystery of the exuberance of the great tropical forests of Brazil. The "Indigo Jungle" print is inspired by the stories of the Count of Clarac, with the jungle finely drawn like silverpoint engravings and bathed in indigo light.

Mysteries of the Brazilian rainforests

Silk Road

Our print is inspired by an artisanal technique called Ikat, combining dyeing and weaving. The pattern is first dyed on the threads before they are woven. This craft was born in China around the 6th century and gradually spread to Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. In order to create this print, our graphic designer Gwennaëlle worked with watercolours and brushes to transcribe the ink-soaked threads and the blurred outlines, typical of Ikat craftsmanship.

Ikat story


A Riviera wind blows over "Portofino", in an atmosphere of Italian Dolce Vita. The "Portofino" print is a design from a 70's archive, which our style team found in a collection of old fabrics and acquired specially, in order to redesign it for this collection. T-shirts with a "Dolce Vita" message or a postcard version with a view of the azure blue sea.

Escape to Portofino

By Malick

The work of Malian photographer Malick Sidibé, who lived in Bamako, inspired this theme. These Bamako portraits and streetlooks, taken in the 1970s after Mali's independence, show a silhouette with a nonchalant elegance, playing with the codes of Western tailoring twisted with African fabrics and black-and-white graphics that have passed through the sun.

Escape to Mali

Responsible Cotton & Denim

Made from 100% organic cotton grown without chemical products or fertilizers, without GMOs and respectful of the environment. Water and energy resources have been optimised during the manufacturing process to significantly reduce its environmental impact.


Land of Africa

A new invitation to travel and discover Africa: animal inspirations declined on jacquard, associated with structured, sober and chic cuts. Perfect pieces for mid-season.

Escape to Africa

A walk in Kerala

The Kerala region of southern India is renowned for its exuberant vegetation, the colourful vibrancy of its flora and the network of backwaters that criss-cross the country below the tea and camellia plantations.

Escape to India
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