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Les échappées La Fée

La Fée Maraboutée travels, she brings back from her escapades those colors and prints that she loves so much. In an age of minimalism and plain colors, she chose to prefer color and prints that tell a thousand stories. La Fée Maraboutée travels and she brings back in her suitcase, all these little bits from elsewhere which then make her so beautiful. We hope you enjoy following this new adventure with us...

By Malick

The work of Malian photographer Malick Sidibé, who lived in Bamako, inspired this and the next theme. These Bamako portraits and streetlooks, taken in the 1970s after Mali's independence, show a silhouette with a nonchalant elegance, playing with the codes of Western tailoring twisted with African fabrics and black-and-white graphics that have passed through the sun. Another great inspiration: Solange Knowles, the "Losing you" video clip, which takes up this same joyfully mixed sensibility with African-style tailorshops... A swinging, vitamin-packed tailoring with sunny, optimistic chromatisms.

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A wind of the Riviera blows through "Portofino" and "Antibes": Here in Portofino in an atmosphere of Italian Dolce Vita: "Grain of rice" peas, "Portofino" mini-indian (drawings from an archive, specially acquired in a collection of antique fabrics) "Dolce Vita" or postcard - and "Hollywood" swing with a view of the azure sea - The structured Portofino stripe, turquoise like the Adriatic, gives rhythm to the fluid femininity of the printed dresses.

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A walk in Kerala

The region of Kerala (South India) is famous for its exuberant vegetation, the chromatic vibrations of its flora, its network of waterways of the Backwaters (Gats) which cross the country below the tea and camellia plantations. A famous photograph by Steve Mac Curry inspired us to take a "Kerala ride" on a boat overflowing with flowers on the glistening water of the Gats. This scenario is reflected in our 'Kerala' floral print and the Aquaprint - both made from Oekotex-certified viscose crepe. A multicore summer tweed (boxy jacket and bandeau skirt) fuses the colour scheme.

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The questioning of the origins of a Western culture, the history of its myths, its values is a sign of a period of questioning about our future. The Villa of the Duke of Farnese, built in Rome in the 16th century, is a hymn to nature and Greek mythology. It also bears witness to an Italian way of life. Historicist quotes, floral paisleys, guipure, trousseau embroidery - a faded denim balances subtlety.

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Indigo Jungle

This theme plunges us into the representations of the photographer Cassio Vasconcellos ("Trees" exhibition, Fondation Cartier), which are inspired by the renditions of 19th century European travellers and botanists faced with the mystery of the exuberance of the great tropical forests of Brazil. The indigo plant, the indigo tree with its pink flowers, the combination of black and indigo and a wine colour defined the colour range. The "ombré peas" print alludes to the patterns of light and shadow and to the ancestral printing techniques whose beauty lies in the simplicity of the means. Openwork embroidery, blue thread scales on canvas and black poplin (organic cotton).

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Inspired by the artists of the beginning of the 20th century, Picasso, Miro, Calder but also Dora Maar, Charlotte Perriand ...and Rubin Gideon (contemporary). The light of the South and the colours of the Mediterranean. The ceramics of the Picasso Museum in Antibes... Jacquemus, Winjant, Rebecca Taylor.

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Silk Road

In his story "The Road to Oxiana" Lord Robert Byron describes the unexpected splendour of the abstract patterns that adorn the Moschee in Isfahan during his journey through Iran (1933). A magnificent portfolio of photographs of this Moschee inspired both the colour scheme and the prints for this theme, created specially by our graphic designer and printed on eco-certified viscose. A guipure work associated with recycled polyester takes up the moucharabieh in earthenware lace, a fine embroidery on a flamed veil in organic cotton is worked according to ancient fabrics.

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The ochre walls of Ouarzazate, on the edge of the Sahara and at the foot of the Atlas mountains, between North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa - tribal motifs, the tones of sandstorms, stones coloured by the overwhelming sun... The play of light and shade that animates natural materials such as linen, hemp, cotton, tencel, an ecological material obtained from eucalyptus wood fibres, transformed in a controlled manner with renewable energy. In the streets of Marrakesh - the pink city of Morocco. Drawings of Moucharrabieh and graphic jacquard zelliges, fine embroidery like the carved doors of the Medina - atmosphere of Riads and palm groves.

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Between East and West, between Indian culture and Portuguese history, a tropical port on the Pacific Ocean with opulent vegetation in the hinterland. The inspiration of the ancient kingdom of King Bîjâpur is at the origin of the "Kingdom" print, printed on a small check cotton. The "knotdye" print, called according to the local technique of "knotted and dyed", gives rise to the large long and vaporous dresses of full summer. Linen is available in raspberry pink.

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A perfume of India, an atmosphere at the crossroads of eras and cultures. The so-called "Indian" fabric was one of the most coveted merchant values in the 17th/18th century and greatly influenced Western fashion. Our "Grande Indienne" print, based on an ancient archive, is the starting point for a range of colours where saturated linen shades rub shoulders with the luminous whites of light organic cotton veils with fine embroidery.

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