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Winter 2020 Collection
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Travel book

Les échappées La Fée

La Fée Maraboutée travels, she brings back from her escapades those colors and prints that she loves so much. In an age of minimalism and plain colors, she chose to prefer color and prints that tell a thousand stories. La Fée Maraboutée travels and she brings back in her suitcase, all these little bits from elsewhere which then make her so beautiful. We hope you enjoy following this new adventure with us...


Stopover in the south-east of India, in Pondicherry: It was on this journey that La Fée Maraboutée imagined luxurious prints with equatorial flowers and vibrant colors.

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Bora Bora

Contemplating the landscape of this small Pacific island, surrounded by islets of sand and translucent turquoise water, that we imagined a all in white and blue dressed cloakroom , light and airy.

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In Mexico, the city of Guanajuato is renowned for its unique look: walls in warm tones inspired us sublime mismatch floral and Wax prints. Guanajuato is like freedom that carries and transports you to the sunny days.

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The Namibia's color palette and its famous desert plunges us into the summer season: natural fawn, ivory and camel shades mix with naive prints and light materials to give you a chic adventurer look.

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Head to the Cycladic island, in the heart of the Aegean Sea: here, the marine is associated with pastel tones. The flower is in the spotlight: romantic floral prints flirt with checks and denim for resolutely modern and feminine looks.

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Rio de Janeiro

This large Brazilian city close to the sea marks us with its colorful streets. The meadow green defies the flaming pomegranate, the ethnic pieces combine with high-waisted pants, belted at the waist highlight the silhouette.

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Tie & dye, a traditional technique from southern China, is a cultural heritage. Our trip in the village of Zhoucheng showed us this ancestral technique and gave us the idea for our Summer collection prints.

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